About Jay Thatcher

The Early Years
Jay grew up spending late nights at the office while his parents met the deadline for their startup newspaper. This started a passion for typography and design.

After college and touring in a rock band, Jay began a career in product design… physical product: toy packaging, music, video, movie packaging, book covers, t-shirts, posters, and large displays.

From there came website design which led to an opportunity to design a web application for the oil industry. This opened a door to UX Design and digital products.

From Physical Product

To Digital Product

Photo of Jay Thatcher and past projects
Jay speaking at the UX Center of Excellence

Why Jay?

Jay is an experienced UX product designer with a reputation for collaboration with business executives, product managers, product analysts, data scientists, and engineers.

Experience includes:

  • UX Product Design
  • Design System Contribution
  • Web Accessibility
  • Design Leadership

Here’s What Others Say About Jay

Jay excels in understanding business requirements and users’ needs, putting them together to give the best user experience. He thinks through the complexities involved, bringing developers and business executives to a shared understanding.

Saraswathi Gangineni

Senior Application Engineer, Amazon

Jay is a thought leader in our organization. He has the ability to turn something complex and technical (whether it be a business strategy or a technology need) into a simple design or compelling story. The simple design allows someone to gracefully do their job, and the compelling story helps us sell our ideas for business investment.
Brad Wilson

Assistant Vice President of Automation, Parallon

Jay’s unique strength is he can get behind the story of what is going on to develop the user experience, marketing, software, branding, etc… better than anyone I have ever met. He listens and asks the right questions. Jay brings heart and empathy to every project.

Brant Beard

Assistant Vice President of Application Services, Parallon

When not doing UX Product Design…

Jay enjoys photography and designing physical things

Thrive poster
Don't believe your own hype t-shirt
Innovative Services poster
I am here t-shirt
Growing Beyond Betrayal book
Rise Up photoshoot, picture of runner in sunset
Rise Up poster
Reach Higher Yeti and Candy Bar